PT2.1 - Engineering Goals

total score = 70-10p+2d-2(t-1) where p is the number of rule violations, d is the number of 0.5 meters travelled, and t is the run time.

The mousetrap car needs to be
Length ≤ 30 cm
Breath ≤ 15 cm
Height ≤ 15 cm
to ensure that no additional penalties occur.

To achieve maximum possible marks, the mousetrap car needs to travel 7.5 meters in just one second on an slightly uphill gradient asphalt surface, without any external power source other than the mousetrap itself.

Brainstorming Section
There are two important factors: Speed and Distance. We could implement measures in our Mousetrap car in both aspects so that we could get as close as possible to the maximum marks.

Speed Gears are useful in increasing the speed of the wheels.
A longer pulling arm is useful in more efficiently transferring the force of the mousetrap due to the Principle of Moment. Thus it results in more force acting on the gears and the wheels.

Lighten the car by using lighter materials.
Keeping the car mostly flat reduces air resistance, thus resulting in the car covering more distance.

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