PT 1.4 - Testing of Bridge

Testing process

Calculation of efficiency
mass of load on bridge=100kg++
mass of bridge=0.241kg
Discussion of bridge design after testing
1. What is your score on efficiency? If the efficiency is high/low, what went right/wrong?

Our efficiency score was 415, which was very high. The anchors at the side of the bridge distributed the pressure from the ends of the bridge, which contributed a lot to the high-efficiency score.

2. Which part of the bridge started to give way first? Explain using Physics concepts.

No part of the bridge gave way. We didn't have enough gym weights.

3. Which part of the bridge provided the most strength in the testing process? Explain using Physics concepts.

The multiple triangles around the bridge. These triangles allows the bridge to convert the downward force from the bridge into tension and compression around the bridge as shown in the diagram below. This allows the force to be spread out around the bridge, allowing the bridge to absorb more force around it and thus allowing it to have a very high-efficiency ratio.

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